About Me

Born and raised in the peace country, I have had the opportunity to experience the economic and cultural growth here in Grande Prairie throughout the years. I made the transition from the Social Work field to pursue my passion for Real Estate and Mortgages.

My passion as a dual agent is reflected by my ability to understand, show empathy, and to just be my authentic self. Which in my opinion are the key components in helping individuals make one of the most important decisions in their lives. My life-long residency in Grande Prairie continues to help me leverage my enthusiasm and expertise in the field.

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My Unique Advantage

I am a licensed dual agent. Meaning, I am able to both sell homes and provide mortgage solutions for you. A true one-stop shop. This means a smoother process, less stress and seamless transactions. I understand the needs from a mortgage broker’s perspective when I prepare real estate contracts and the needs of real estate clients when preparing a mortgage; a true win-win!

I use Alberta’s most Advanced Marketing system; with no extra cost to you, the client.


Lifelong Learner


GP Born & Raised

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Team Player